Be Selected Accomodation

Selected Accomodation is a farmhouse, or hotel, or rooms near the selected
Oil Mill but independent and needs a registration


Being a Selected Accomodation is convenient for everyone.
The Customer will rely on the Selected Accomodation that will receive cultured guests to whom offer hospitality with the
local olive oil smell, a fast growing business. The customer buys “emotions”, but wants to savor them slowly, in complete relax. Waking up and opening the window on an olive grove and having breakfast with a bruschetta, a tostada or bread and feta is a moving emotion!
A more frequented territory is a more cared for everyone; this is the only planet we have.


What does it offer?
The Selected Accomodation offers its home in among of 3 million hectares of olive groves, built with love in over 10,000 years.
Standard rooms: Double (also single use) and Double + 2 Beds (2 parents + 2 boys)


Selected Accomodation annual Registration € 200,00  here

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