Be Selected Oil Mill

The selected oil mill is well known to the site for quality and corporate seriousness for having always improved the quality of its production


Being a selected oil mill is convenient for everyone: the oil mill and the customer.
If the mill dilutes fixed costs throughout the year instead of in just 3 months of processing, it will be able to sell its olive oil to the customer at lower prices. Oleturismo is already in progress in Spain and France where it is worth 40% of rural holidays. However, the client lacks of a global and detailed view of the offer. This site fills the gap. A more profitable mill is a more cured land for everyone; this is the only planet we have


What does it offer?

Olive oil testing
The selected oil mill always offers the olive oil testing of its “long-life” olive oils at the minimum price of € 10.00.

own experiences
– testing school
– food tastings
– visits to the mill
– milling party
– olive harvest
– photography courses
– learn kitchen with olive oil
– make soap with olive oil
– trips among the olive trees
– beauty with olive oil, etc.
The own expriences together with the olive oil testing build up the
selected oil mill Tour Package.

own accomodation
– in its own farm
– in rooms connected to it for which it is the guarantor
Accomodation together with testing and
own experiences build up the selected oil mill Tour Package 

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