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“olio geniale” Competition  – real extra virgen for every day

the more olive oil is good, the more sustainable is the price, the more it wins


The competitions, starting from the early 2000s, have had the merit of stimulating the production of very high quality oils, made with low-yield green olives. However, they ignored the tasting of the daily oil for the Family that we have called GENIAL OLIVE OIL, that great world production of Extra Virgin that the Producers dedicate to everyday home use at low prices that by law CE2568/91 they are committed for producing flawlessly.


“genial olive oil” is:
–  proven quality
–  sustainable price
–  sensory elegance
–  flexibility in the kitchen
–  health


“olio geniale” HEALTH AWARDS –  Prof. Paolo Veronesi IEO
These Health Awards will be decided by the HEALTH AWARDS Presidency by Prof. Paolo Veronesi of the European Oncological Institute Milan – IEO – inside his context of the oncological prevention campaign with the correct nutrition based on olive oil


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