How to make recipes for the book demo “olio geniale” – real extra virgen for every day

The recipes should be simple, executable in short time, with the ingredients of family daily use (eg bruschetta mozzarella olive oil basil or salmorejo cordobes) and will be grouped in the book in this way:

Bruscettas and Tapas
Soups Gazpachos e  Salmorejos
Pastas Risottos Arroz
Fish and Meat
Salads and Vegetables
Drinks with Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used during preparation or added above.
The recipes will not contain butter, margarine and seed oil.
Food containing animal fats, in minimun part, as ham and mozzarella, is allowed when they represent local habits and custom use of the place

olio geniale

real extra virgin for every day

in 3 languege: italian, spagnish, english


with award-winning olive oils and recipes

“genial olive oil” because:
–  the proven quality
–  the sustainable price
–  the sensory elegance
–  the flexibility in the kitchen
–  the health

The Celletti Panelists, all Int’l Testers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, test olive oils by inserting,unique in the world, the “price” parameter, to say, “the more the olive oil is good, the more the price is low, more it wins “. The competition thinking to the Family Health, conferred to the Prof. Paolo Veronesi, Direction Div. Senology of European Oncological Institute (IOE), passionate for cancer prevention diet, the Health Awards Presidency. The award-winners comply with the EC 2568/91 and declare the price.