OLIO GENIALE                        € 250,00


register information (go to the books)
The competition registration form provides for the optional sending of a recipe, prepared with the entered EVO, with photos and texts in 3 languages: Italian, Spanish, English
The received recipes can become the book “Olio Geniale” of the year, both in electronic and cartaea production, to promote the awarded EVO into families
The project will be submitted to the winners opinion, with a personal communication

Samples sending: before FEBRUARY 16TH 2024
(send 6 bott. by 500 cc)
Science Park (Parco Tecnologico Padano)  Via Einstein – Loc. Cascina Codazza | 26900 Lodi – Italy
Please write on the parcel OLIO GENIALE + categoria.
If you also apply to MONOCULTIVAROLIVEOIL competition do a SINGLE PARCEL and remark on it MONOCULTIVAR + GENIALE

Olive Oil testing: MARCH 1ST 2024
Science Park

Award Ceremony:
Italy: opportunities offered in evaluation
Spain: opportunities offered in evaluation
date:  to be decided

Possible program:
Olive Oil Testing of the Winning EVO

COMPETITION RULES “olio geniale”– real extra vergin for less


Art. 1 – Purposes
This international site has two intentions:
– promotes the use of “REAL” EVO in the FAMILIES DAILY USE , which according to CE 2568/91 has “only advanteges”.
– rewards producers that offer EVO SUSTAINABLE FAMILY PRICE for daily consumption.
We consider unnecessary to explain the consequences of such a promotion both in terms of health, the EVO is a “long-life” drug and in terms of the market, considering that the olives inexorably turn in black.
Art. 2 – Evaluation
The olive oil testing are implemented in 2 directives:
1st Director – Quality
EC Regulation 640/2008 will be used, without distinction in “light”, “medium”, “intense” fruity, in which this panel does not believe ornot even considering the “false parameter of harmony”, since it has been originated from questionable practices.
This panel will behave with the same rigor with which it manages the contest reported on the site
Defective olive oils are excluded. Flavored oils are excluded.
Registration must be completed by sending the values ​​of the annual tests
2nd Director – Price
“selling price to the public” will be declared, with by producer at the registration.
The price will be issued on this site, where the consumer can also buy the olive oil if the producer agree with it
The MIX between quality and price, at the sole panel discretion, will determine the score
Art. 3 – Double blind
The evaluation will be done with the “double blind” method which eliminates any possibility of recognition of the sample. The Panel consists of: 1 Panel Leader and a minimum of 8-12 Official Tasters enrolled in the Ministry of Agriculture Policies List. The software has been perfected by to join evaluation betwen quality and price to the public.
Art. 4 – Salmples
The samples must be sent to the competition in 6 bottles or 500 ml cans. Olive il sold in cans of 3l or 5l. it also is accepted as well, provided it reaches the competition in 500cc packs; no olive oils sold in bulk or bulk packages are allowed; the sale of olive oil in cans must be specified on the registration form and declared in the link of the producers for the price and possible sale through this site.
The Organization declines all responsibility for any delayed arrival of samples, with respect to the given preservatio, for their total or partial loss during transport, for any chemical – physical and organoleptic alterations, due to thermal, mechanical or other causes, which can occur during transport. The shipping costs to the destination are at full load and responsibility of the participating companies. It will be the Organization’s responsibility to keep the samples in an appropriate manner to ensure their integrity.
CAUTION: PACK SAMPLES WITH CARE – broken bottles still arriving.
Art. 5 – Awards and Categories here
Winner ceremony and the place will be communicated via email.
The Awarded Producers will be entitled to mention the recognition achieved on the packaging of their productions, always specifying the reference olive oil campaign
Art. 6 – Awards and books Shipping
Costs to send the awards and books are to the winner. The Organization is not responsible for any awards and books delay or loss.
Art. 7 – Changes
The Organization reserves the right to modify these Reles at any time if this becomes necessary without prior notice.
Art. 8 – Quotas and obligations
The registration fees of the samples not reached  to the competition for any reason, will not be returned.
The competition does not contract any obligation and any professional service with the producer who sends the sample, precisely and by virtue of his / her independent judgment. The sample registration in the competition immediately activates the organization for its physical acceptance, filing, masking for double blind and computerized assessment with the related costs, consequently the no-arrival of the sample to the competition within the prescribed terms does not cancel the organizational costs nor cancel the competitor’s obligations.

How to make recipes for the book “olio geniale” – real extra virgen for less

The recipes should be simple, executable in short time, with the ingredients of family daily use (eg bruschetta mozzarella olive oil basil or Salmorejo cordobes) and will be grouped in the book in this way:

Bruscettas and Tapas
Soups Gazpachos e  Salmorejos
Pastas Risottos Arroz
Fish and Meat
Salads and Vegetables
Drinks with Olive Oil

Olive oil can be used during preparation or added above.
The recipes will not contain butter, margarine and seed oil.
Food containing animal fats, in minimun part, as ham and mozzarella, is allowed when they represent local habits and custom use of the place