Bottles “olio geniale” verified by QR Code
The Oil Mill that has reached medians from> 9.7 to> 6.0, and that will be included in the book “olio geniale”, can buy and apply the personalized QR Code on all the bottles of the olive oil (lot) presented to the Competition Int.le “olio geniale” – the true extra virgin less “
The innovative competition where: the more oil is good, the lower the price, the more it wins
With the QR Code the customer is sure that the olive oil has been tested by the
world’s best Olive Oil  Testers and it is definitely Extra Virgin.
The QR Code also says a lot more.


Click on or take a picture with your smartphone QR code reader .






How to insert the QR code on the bottles
QR Code will be sent by email and can be applied, printed on the labels of all the bottles of the olive oil to which the lot refers (grant launch)
We suggest to leave on the pre-printed labels a minimum
2 x 2 cm blank space for the QR code, writing at the upside the reference “olio geniale (year)”


Buy QR Code “olio geniale 2019”     € 1.000,00  here