Terms and Conditions of Service

Carefully read these Terms and Conditions of Service (also Terms of Use) as they provide important information to the user.
By accessing or using the
platform www.frantoicelletti.com oleoturismo, discover the world’s best oil mill“, from now on, only called the platform, you agree to respect and be bound by these Terms and Conditions of the Service.

1 – Platform purposes
www.frantoicelletti.com is a web platform that selects and hosts the
world’s best oil mills, chosen and included in the platform at its sole discretion for the deep and indisputable experience of its creator: Dr. Gino Celletti, Panel Leader of International Oil Council, Panel leader of the Ministry of Agriculture, CTU n ° 11868 Register Consultant at Court of Milan, Partner of parco tecnoogico Padano di Lodi, “The Science Park”, consultant for olive oil production and olive oil extraction machines companies, and by its Int.l Olive Oil Testers (see whjo we are), for a free information, and only for this purpose, the listed Oil Mills, Experiences, Accomodations, connected each other, to the visitor of the platform.,

The “Oil Mill” is a place where the social life of man was born 10,000 years ago, if it is true how ancient history teaches that Man came out of barbarism when he began to cultivate the olive tree, this generous plant, scientifically Olea Sativa, today better described by the modern name Olea Europaea L. for its evolutions and climatic adaptations.
Visiting an oil mill means discovering our origins and at the same time also our future, full of health and pleasure, because thanks to the new extraction technologies installed in it, it produces and will produce olive oils always better and useful for the wellness of Human Being.

2 – Oil Mills, Experiences and Accomodations
These 3 entities, with the registrations to the platform, confirm to accept that, for these purposes, they will pay to the platform
a) an annual fee (see Become Selected Oil Mill, Become Selected Experience, Become Selected Accomoation) for insertion, maintenance of data, texts, images, videos and maps, by specialized personnel, as well as for the annual request of internet space costs
b) a percentage of the 10% sales done thanks the free information, freely searched and found on the platform which the platform will use for the same purposes above. This 10 % will be retained by the platform at the time the customer buys. The payment of the remaining 90% to Oil Mill, Experiences,Accomodations will be paid immediately. Oil Mill, Experiences,Accomodations will send immediate confirmation to the customer for the purchased good.
c) The platform is not responsible for any no-sale of the good / service to the customer, as the platform wishes to underline that it does not play any role of sale or brokerage or agency between the subjects, but only of expert in the olive field, selecting the
world’s best oil mills, for their knowledge of proven quality, having them over time, credited among the most worthy of international reputation.
The Experiences and Accomodations are, in turn, indicated to the platform by the Oil Mill, which has already evaluated its seriousness and consistency to the cultural spirit.
The oil Mill, in turn, is not responsible for any problems between customer and Experiences and Accomodations. Any reimbursement between Oil Mill, Experiences,Accomodations must be managed directly by these 3 entities directly with the customer, and for this propouse, the platform inserts the reference accounts.

3 – Customer / Visitor
The customer / visitor with the purchase of an olive oil  testing, an experience and / or a stay accepts to leave the 10%  of purpose to the platform to support the costs incurred to the platform to maintain the data entered in the platform during the time.
In the event of a possible misunderstanding between the customer and the mill / experience / stay, the 10% percentage reserved for the platform will be retained equally and will not be returned.
The customer with the purchase:
a) accepts and confirms that this possibility of misunderstanding can be verified as being possible in everyday things, albeit with very low probability
b) accepts and confirms that the platform has carried out its selection task in accordance with the data disseminated and placed on the site in relation to the oil mill / experience / accomodation and the services offered by them.
c) accepts and confirms that the 10% retained by the platform
it is not returned to him, since the task on the part of the platform was completely carried out in a perfect and complete way and this in case of any kind of mistake with theoil mill / experience / accomodation not will claim for the return of the10 % or for any other damage connected to the purchase, transfer and use of the purchased good will be made.

4 – Relationship between the parties
the platform will never enter between the oil mill / experience / accomodation and customer and the relationship will be managed directly between the parties.
Precisely for this oil mill / experience / accomodatios will send directly to the customer a
confirmation email of the purchase in order to entertain an immediate and direct relationship and manage the relationship established and any change.

5 – Booking
Reservations must be made at least 15 days before the date decided for any of the 3 entities, be it the simple olive oil testing, the experiences proposed or the planned accomodation.
The dates of the availability and the goods displayed on the site, before booking, can be changed at the sole discretion of the 3 entities and in any case the reservations must always be confirmed in writing with a copy of the platform.
Reservations can be made throughout the year in progress and for the following year, no later.