Be Selected Experience

Selected experience is an activity linked to the selected Oil Mill in promoting the diffusion of the oil culture of the area, but separate and autonomous, which for this reason requires requires its own registration:
– oil bar
– restaurant
– wine shop
– cellar
– touristic services
– tourist boards for the olive oil territory
growing strategy


Becoming Selected Experience is worthwhile.
The experiences also pass through the restaurants, the oil shops, the places where olive oil can be used and create “emotions”.
A dish seasoned with a great olive oil, a trip through the olive groves, photographing a 1000-year-old olive tree are emotions worth!
A more frequented territory is the most cared for everyone; this is the only planet we have


What does it offer?
The Selected Experience offers a world in 3 million hectares of olive groves, built with love in over 10,000 years


Selected Esperience annual Registration € 200,00  here

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